Introducing BeanMyBag

Premium quality scented bean bag chairs for children and adults, made in Hungary.

Maximum comfort in luxury quality: BeanMyBag brings life to your living space.


HEXA Bean Bag Chair Collection

The bean bag chair that suits luxury. HEXA is an iconic bean bag chair that, thanks to its special material, offers a unique experience in both comfort and appearance. It’s a truly special piece among bean bag chairs. We recommend HEXA bean bag for those who appreciate sophisticated materials and seek an inspiring environment. If you love tangible luxury and stylish interior in your own home, then you are the one we created the stylish HEXA bean bag chair collection for!

BASIC Bean Bag Chair for Adults and Kids

The Basic bean bag chair is made from durable, high-quality upholstery fabric and comes with a scent. The material used for a bean bag chair matters! The durable upholstery fabric cover and the bean bag chair filling that provides extremely high comfort make BeanMyBag Basic bean bag chair an ideal gift for both men and women, and it’s also available in a size for kids! The BeanMyBag Basic bean bag chair can easily be shaped to your liking, so it’s not necessarily difficult to get up from it – this makes it an excellent gift for the comfort-loving older generation as well.

CHILLIN Bean Bag Chair for Adults and Kids

Available in three sizes, the CHILLIN bean bag fits perfectly for various age groups and functions. The smaller CHILLIN bean bag chair is an excellent choice for children, teenagers, or smaller-sized adults for long reading, studying, and playing. The larger-sized CHILLIN bean bag is a true pleasure for taller teenagers and adults, as who wouldn’t want to have series marathons or play for hours in the comfort of a well-loved gamer bean bag chair?

BeLUXE Indoor Bean Bag Chair and Footrest

The BeanMyBag BeLUXE is a true luxury relaxation chair. BeLUXE is the “most furniture-like” bean bag chair in the BeanMyBag range. It’s not the classic sink-in, soft bean bag chair because it’s filled with more bean bag filling than other bean bag chairs – meaning it’s firmer. Its good shape-holding ability even conquers those who usually think in terms of traditional furniture when it comes to interior design. The BeLUXE bean bag chair provides a feeling that is hard to surpass, but not impossible! The BeLUXE bean bag pouf is the perfect addition, as it allows you to completely stretch out and make yourself as comfortable as possible.

ZOO Bean Bag Collection

The animal-themed bean bags and bean bag poufs for the little ones quickly find their way into the children’s room, and they can stay there! Our animal-themed bean bags don’t mind if the kids sit on them or tug at them. 🙂 The bean bags and poufs for the little ones don’t take up much space in the apartment and are easy to move around. They can be the favorites of the little ones for years. The neutral color selection ensures that the bean bags can find their place in any style and color scheme of the apartment. As an extra treat, the animal poufs also pamper the nose, as we scent them, so they have a very pleasant aroma.

Extra warranty for extended lifespan

The filling of the BeanMyBag bean bag chair consists of incredibly small polystyrene beads – it lasts up to three times longer than a competitor made with an average filling. The explanation for this is that the 2-4 mm polystyrene beads have much less air than the larger ones, so they withstand pressure better. Because we know that every BeanMyBag bean bag chair represents excellent quality, we provide a full 1-year warranty + an additional 1-year service guarantee. Within the service guarantee, we will repair any manufacturing-related (sewing, gluing, eyelet setting) errors for free. We just ask that you coordinate with us over the phone in advance.


BeanMyBag bean bag chairs are scented. In every BeanMyBag bean bag, we introduce a pleasant fragrance into the inner and outer cover fabric in the final phase of production and before packaging. This means that there is no unpleasant chemical odor characteristic of the filling material in BeanMyBag bean bags. Satisfied customers always remark how delightfully sweet “candy” scent the ordered product had. BeanMyBag bean bag chairs are the only scented bean bag chairs equipped with scent technology.

Thank you for your trust!